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Reading and Vocab


ICAN developed Reading and Vocab for the students to expand their developing vocabulary. A robust vocabulary improves all areas of communication — listening, speaking, reading and writing. Reading is a good way to gather and expose the student to many vocabulary words. The subject focuses on vocabulary while reading.

Here are the guidelines you have to follow as a Reading and Vocab teacher:

Please click the icon above to access the GDrive for Reading and Vocab

SOP For Reading and Vocab

1. Ensure the student has read the topic or passage prior to the start of your class. This is to save you and your student time.

2. Make use of highlighters. Your student must use highlighters of different colors to emphasize important details with ease. If the student is using a digital copy, PDF readers have a built-in option to highlight within the software.

  • Blue or green - main ideas

  • Yellow - key points

  • Pink - vocabulary

3. Focus on your student's vocabulary to make sure they fully understand the words and the story. Don't rely too much on translators. You may use body language or hand gestures.

4. Check your student's knowledge by giving a vocabulary quiz.

5. Make sure to give your student homework. The homework must include reading a passage or pages you assign in advance.

  • YouTube
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  • YouTube

Supplementary materials:

Vocabulary Power

Classification of Adjectives

National Geographic

All About Space

Sentence Construction Quiz

Video Reaction Sheet

Vocabulary Test

Vocab Enrichment

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