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TED Class


ICAN developed TED Class for the students to make them a better thinker and speaker. Speech development is an important part of learning. When a person learns to speak correctly at an early age they are more likely to more easily comprehend reading, writing and less related topics like math and science. Learning to speak and understanding language is an essential part of brain development.

Here are the guidelines you have to follow as a TED teacher:

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1. The student must be exposed at the beginning with knowledge related to the topic to be presented. You may read articles or watch videos (TED Speeches) to give the student ideas.

2. Proceed with writing. Writing techniques must be taught to the student to make the speech writing clear and detailed.

3. Check the speech the student wrote. Correct grammar mistakes, writing technicalities, and redirect the student in instances when he or she is lost.

4. Allot time for the student to prepare (for online classes it must be done as a homework): memorize the words and practice the gestures.


5. If judges are required, inform them beforehand and explain how the students must be graded.

6. The corrections and feedback are essential to the next class. Students learn from the feedback and can help in their improvement.

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Supplementary materials:

  • YouTube

TED Talks Worksheets

Feedback Rubric

National Geographic

All About Space

TED Presentation Procedures

Speaking Rubric

TED Mastery Class

TED Mastery Rubric

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