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Book Club


ICAN developed Book Club for our students to encourage them to read. Reading enhances knowledge by exercising the brain and causing it to think more, therefore enhancing intelligence. This helps students to study subjects with more ease and retain the knowledge received from the subject, making them more knowledgeable.

Here are the guidelines you have to follow as a Book Club teacher:

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SOP For Book Club

1. Ensure the student has read the story prior to your class. This is to save you and your student time.

2. Make use of highlighters. Your student must use highlighters of different colors to emphasize important details with ease. If the student is using a digital copy, PDF readers have the option to highlight in the software.

  • Blue or green - main ideas

  • Yellow - key points

  • Pink - vocabulary

3. Check your student's vocabulary to make sure they fully understand the book. Don't rely too much on translators. You may use body language or hand gestures.

4. To check your student's knowledge, you may give a Book Review activity as soon as the book is finished. Click here for a copy.

5. Make sure to give your student homework. The homework must include reading a passage or pages you assign in advance.

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Supplementary materials:

Book Club Guide


(Please choose here by Grade and Reading level)

Reading Level Conversion Chart

Optimal Reading Rates

Modular Progress Report

Evaluation Form

Reading Book List and Skills

Book Club Initial Evaluation Form

Daily Quiz Template

Storytelling Rubric

Book Club

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