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The exploration of Mars has been a goal of many national space programs like NASA for decades. Conceptual work for missions that would involve human explorers has been ongoing since the 1950s, with planned missions typically being stated as taking place anywhere between 10 and 30 years from the time they are drafted. The list of crewed Mars mission plans shows the various mission proposals that have been put forth by multiple organizations and space agencies in this field of space exploration. Plans have varied from scientific expeditions, in which a small group (between two and eight astronauts) would visit Mars for a period of a few weeks or year, to the permanent colonization of Mars.

ICAN Academy thinks about the future. We would like to contribute to space exploration by equipping young minds the core knowledge they need to become successful in this path. 

One way is through Math. Astronauts use math in order to make precise mathematical calculations, from how the spacecraft leaves Earth's atmosphere to how the astronauts pilot the craft. Designers use math to calculate distance, speed, velocity, and their own safety when creating space-faring vehicles.

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