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Basic Subjects

in struggle

Basic education, in terms of basic subjects, serves a broader purpose beyond preparation for or into careers. Education is an institution through which society molds successive generations of citizens. Through schooling, students are expected to develop holistically. They are expected to find identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the community, the natural world, and to enduring values such as compassion.

Basic Subjects in struggles is aiming mainly to provide students the most basic foundation to excel in Maths, the Sciences, and English, especially if they struggle so much.

Here is a list of several common struggles for international students, along with the best teachers for overcoming them.

Elementary Tutors

  • Reading to Writing tutors

  • Speedreading tutors

  • Developing Schema tutors

  • Comprehensive Writing Tutors

  • Creative Writing Tutors

  • Grammar to Writing Tutors

  • Storytelling Tutors

  • Speech Power Tutors

  • TED Tutors

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