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Biblical Academic Study

Biblical Academic Study, also known as Bible Analysis Class, is a unique ICAN Academy offering that centers to the teachings of the bible and the core of Christianity. 

The aim of the class is to hit two birds with one stone in terms of student's development - both spiritually and analytically.


It is important to teach the young generation the Bible because it gives them a basis for critically considering their faith in order to increase depth and personal ownership. Children, like the women and men of the Bible, are seeking God in one way or another. For instance, teaching the Bible allows one to see the love of God expressed in the compassion of Ruth. Teaching the Bible allows another youth to see the excitement of God in Peter. Teaching the Bible allows everyone to see the gift of God in Jesus. And the examples go on, page after page, from Genesis to Revelation, through the parables and the songs.


Analytical thinking is the ability to apply logical thinking to break down complex problems into smaller components in order to solve a problem. By using literary elements and devices, analytical skills allow students of this class to solve complex problems by filtering through to the relevant information and identifying patterns or trends. In fact, it’s an important skill for people of all ages in order to achieve success at school, in the workplace, and throughout life more generally.

By applying two fundamentals in this class, students, by the end of the course, will be able to learn more about the Bible and the goodness it brings to people and at the same time, use analytical thinking to assess the face value of the context and the complex scenarios the student's encounter. An output-based class, there's so much to learn from this ICAN offering.

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