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Premium Education


ICAN Premium Education provides futuristic education by focusing on three aspects: IMAGINE, CREATE, ANALYZE AND NURTURE.


In order for our students to achieve these goals, we have developed unique but useful programs that will lead to a complete overhaul of education. The ICAN Premium Education!

What is ICAN Premium?

Science Trilogy

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Biblical Analysis

In ICAN, Science Trilogy helps students understand the world around us. Everything we know about the universe, from how trees reproduce to what an atom is made up of, is the result of scientific research and experiment.

Biblical Academic Study, also known as Bible Analysis Class, is a unique ICAN Academy offering that centers to the teachings of the bible and the core of Christianity. 

The aim of the class is to hit two birds with one stone in terms of student's development - both spiritually and analytically.

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English Philosophy

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Speech Development

Genetic Engineering

Studying ICAN's English philosophy opens up a world of inspiration and creativity, while also developing skills that are essential for today's global environment. It is a chance to discover how literature makes sense of the world through stories, poems, novels and plays.

Incorporating news articles into classroom discussions and assignments helps studentsbecome more civic-minded and politically aware. This in turn creates students who are ready to participate in political processes because they have the knowledge to make informed opinions and choices.

Speech development is an important part of learning. When a person learns to speak correctly at an early age they are more likely to more easily comprehend reading, writing and less related topics like math and science. Learning to speak and understanding language is an essential part of brain development.

In ICAN Online Premium, we want our kids to become scientists in the future to help them contribute to society. And so, we also teach students a science field that is rarely discussed in a traditional academy -GENETIC ENGINEERING.

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