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Artificial Intelligence Mathematics



AI systems will typically demonstrate at least some of the following behaviours associated with human intelligence: planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, and manipulation and, to a lesser extent, social intelligence and creativity.

Mathematics children learn 8 hours a day. How to learn and study like this? Are they absolutely necessary for children to live?  


To children who will lead the future through Math, eyes and wings must be attached.  The mathematics of people who will live in the world of artificial intelligence, Quebon.

Dr. Bonghan Cho

The Specialist of Artificial Intelligence

  • EQUALKEY Corp. CEO & Creator of QUEBON

  • BS in Computer Engineering, Seoul National University

  • USC Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Master/Doctor (Synergistic AI)

  • Adjunct Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University

  • Hana Financial Group CIO, Vice President (youngest executive)

  • Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Management Innovation Dept., Vice President

  • Singapore DBS Bank Board Member (First Korean)

  • Researcher at Oracle, Phillips Multimedia Center, USA

  • 1st World Robot Contest Received a special prize at the Venture Business Award (2005)

  • Presidential Citation on the 11th Software Industry Day (2011)

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