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Student Interview Guide

In ICAN, the purpose of the interview test is not only to test the students' abilities to function in an English-speaking environment and see to what extent they have developed their communication skills, but also show the students that they have indeed a lot to master in terms of the objectives the company sets forth for them at the start of the term.

The interviews are done twice per season. Once in a form of an initial interview, and the other in a form of final interview.

First Interview

Final Interview

After each interview, the interviewer fills out a form.

In this form, the students info filled out such as the student's name, age and grade. The date of the interview as well as the interviewer is also included.

The exact questions are reflected on the form to ensure that assessment is accurately graded. The set of questions are divided into three sections: grade school, middle/highschool, and adult.

The student's interview will be graded based on 

- Pronunciation/accent

- Fluency

- Comprehension

- Insight

- Vocabulary/Mechanics

As well the 5 articulation skills, which is tested using this:

- Narrative

- Descriptive

- Expository

- Argumentative

- Persuasive

An in-depth analysis is provided by the assessor to give the management an overview of the student's overall speaking skills. 

Finally, the student is categorized based on the final score.


The assessment is done twice.

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