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Hiring System

The principal duty of ICAN's Human Resource Management Team is plain: to pick the best person for the right position. This is particularly critical in premium education because the success of ICAN is defined to a large extent by the effectiveness of its teachers, leaders, and staff.

In ICAN, our goal is simple. We know intuitively that profoundly competent teachers can have an enriching influence on the daily lives of children and their lifelong educational and career ambitions. We now know empirically that these striking educators also have direct control over intensifying student learning. And so, the goal is to hire teachers who possess the same principles.

ICAN's New Hiring System in Two Parts

Hiring Initiation is to ensure the efficiency of hiring is applied all throughout the scheme.

The Recruitment Process is meticulously performed and followed in order to solidify strong hiring operations.

Training and Development

Training is the process of improving the skills, abilities, and knowledge of employees for doing a particular job. The training process forms the thinking of employees and leads to the quality performance of employees. It is continuous and never-ending in nature.

In ICAN training is done to meet the following goals:

Improve Employee Performance

The teacher (or employee) who receives the necessary training is more able to perform in their job. The training will give a greater understanding of the responsibilities within their role, and in turn, build their confidence.


A robust training and development program ensures that employees have a consistent experience

and background knowledge. The consistency is particularly relevant for ICAN's basic policies and procedures.

Enhances Company Reputation and Profile

Having a strong and successful training strategy helps to develop ICAN as a brand and make it a prime consideration for fresh graduates and mid-career changes.

ICAN Training is initiated by the needs. We ensure that training remains relevant and timely to efficiently manage the time of the workforce.

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