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Why do we need to learn about 3D Printers?

By using 3D printers, we can make our imagination a reality! Imagine losing a component for anything, a 3D printer can help you replace the product at the comfort of your own place!

Why learning design is important?

The most important thing to remember while designing for 3D printing is the fact that your digital design will become a physical object.

Opens New Possibilities for Learning – An affordable 3D printer opens up unlimited learning opportunities for students. 3D printing provides students with opportunities to experiment with ideas, expanding and growing their creativity. It is not easy to have young students figure things out without the benefit of visualization. A visual learning environment improves their understanding of the world, being able to touch and see their projects.  3D printers open up new opportunities for presenting information to young students in an economical and efficient manner.

Promotes problem-solving skills – The 3D printer provides a variety of learning experiences for students. They need to learn how different 3D printers work and how to operate them, and how to troubleshoot and solve problems. This is an art in which many students do not get to engage during the course of their normal studies.  By learning how to troubleshoot and solve 3D printer problems, students learn to practice persistence and endurance in overcoming difficulties. This can translate to helping students solve their own problems in life as well. 

From the perspective of growth and development, future designers, engineers, and artists all will have been students who have been impacted by 3D printing.

Consider these 3 major benefits of 3D printing’s impact on education

ICAN believes that when students become active through interaction with their teachers, it encourages good behavior and discipline. 3D printing promotes students achievements and prepares them for the college education. That's why ICAN is banking on this idea for past few months.

Creates Excitement – 3D printing offers students the ability to experience their projects from the model stage to actual creation of the model. This creates both excitement and a better understanding of the design process as they gain hands-on experience it from conception to creation. The individual features are seen more clearly as the student builds the project layer by layer. Excitement also stems from the ability to explore details in reality, not just on a screen or in a textbook. 3D printing also brings the world of theory to the physical world where students can see and touch, opening up new possibilities for learning and activities.

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