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ICan Analyzer

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

We use an analyzer to get the accurate strengths and weaknesses of each student.

This helps us tailor fit the right books to use for their classes as well as the class flow.

How the Analyzer is created

Below is the step by step process that we follow to create the analyzer.

Step 1 - Parents and their children make a reservation through either of our Kakao accounts: Icanacademy and Onhee1665. They set a start and end date with the academy.

Step 2 - An education curator sends a Level Test for the student to answer. The level test varies per grade level.

Step 3 - As soon as the results have been sent to the database, the support team checks the answers through ICan's unique automated checker. On the left-most column are the answers of the student. Green means the answer is correct however if the cell is Red the student's answer is wrong. The correct answer then appears inside the Red cell.

Step 4 - When the students arrive on their first day, They are asked to have a quick chat anytime during their class schedule(excluding lunch break and break time). The Media Team is assigned to conduct the interviews of the students therefore it is done in the Media room.

An interview can last up to 3 to 6 minutes depending on how they respond to the questions. In each interview, there are five questions asked and some follow up questions based from the students' responses. For example: "What is your favorite movie? Why?". To keep a record of the students' progress, a video is taken while conducting the interview and is uploaded on ICan Broadcast.

The interview is designed to assess the Narrative, Argumentative and Expository skills of the student as well as Pronunciation, Grammar and Vocabulary.

Step 5 - The next step after the interview is the Reading Level test which is conducted by the Supervisor of Operations. In this step, a student is asked to read a story. The stories also vary depending on their grade level. The test counts the number of words they can read in a minute. After getting the wpm(Words per minute), a short test is given to see if there was any comprehension.

The Reading Level test is a tool used to grade the students' Fluency, Comprehension and Pronunciation.

Step 6 - The grades from the Level Test, Interview and Reading Level Test are compiled into graphs in the Analyzer which will be given to the student's parents.

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