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Introduction to Comic Books

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

by T. Vann | June 2019

The class was implemented on June 11 on a Tuesday. The class only consists one student namely, Lee Ye Geon. On our first day of class, he was reintroduced to the world of comics. We discussed the brief history of the comic book world, how it began as comedy comics, to horror, to science-fiction, and of course the most famous genre: THE SUPERHEROES.

What interested me the most is how much of the culture fans aren’t aware of. Like how the comics originated from Japanese culture and was later on brought in America in the 1930’s and was popularized by companies like DC Comics and Marvel in the early 40’s and 60’s. With the popularity of movies like The Dark Knight and Iron Man, there have been an increase in comic book sales in 2008 according to Comichron.

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