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Learning Algorithm

Algorithms is one of the most famous problem-solving techniques that is used nowadays. An algorithm is a set or list of step-by-step instructions that must be followed in order to solve a certain problem. Algorithms are often not quite the same as the other. One algorithm may utilize numerous or less resources than another. One algorithm may take longer to compute the result than the other. Despite the fact that they both work, one is perhaps “better” than the other. We may propose that one is more efficient or that one just works quicker. As we study algorithms, we can learn analysis techniques that enables us to compare which solution is the best or suited for the problem.

Result of Ye Geon’s first algorithm exam

Ye Geon Lee, a student of ICAN Language Center, started to create algorithms for simple problems that needs calculation. His first task was to create an algorithm in a flowchart form and text form on how to determine whether a number is odd or even.

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