ICAN Level Tests

How does ICAN determine what a student knows about certain subjects? Or how does ICAN determine an individual's level of skill in a certain area? One of the most common ways to do this is to use level tests. Level tests are designed to measure a person's level of skill, accomplishment, or knowledge in a specific area.

New students are regularly expected to demonstrate their learning and proficiency in a variety of subjects. In most cases, certain scores on these tests are needed in order to provide them with proper classes and curriculum.


Research on the impact of tests on learning indicates that tests exert a strong influence on classrooms and education policy in general. Good tests lead to good teaching, which leads to good learning. For example, a test which includes a speaking component will likely lead to classrooms which focus on developing communicative skills. 

In ICAN, we use an analyzer after the students have taken the level tests.

Click  +  to zoom in and  -  to zoom out. Drag to move around. Double click to reset size.

The Analyzer is used to get the accurate level of the student in the following criteria:

  • 4 Macro Language Skills: Reading, Writing, Interview and Listening(Comprehension and Note-Taking)

  • 5 Articulation Skills: Narrative, Descriptive, Expository, Argumentative and Persuasive

  • Fundamental Language Skills: Grammar and Vocabulary


Access your child/children's analyzer/s online with a few clicks.